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Happy Fall

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We sell our Honey and Specialty products at Farmers Markets, Craft Shows, Festivals and Retail stores all over Ohio.



Brokensword Apiaries was created in 2013 when Matt and Connor Miller decided to get 3 hives, later that year they ended with 6 hives. They really found a passion they loved doing together. In the following number of years the hives kept growing to a staggering number of 55 hives. As a family Jodi, Matt, Connor, and Spencer started their honey selling business at a small craft show in the fall of 2013. As the years kept passing the local and varietal honey we sold grew and other specialty products developed too. We now sell our 13 varieties of honey at over 50 different craft shows, festivals, farmers markets, and retail stores.

The Importance of Bees!

Bees provide us with 80% of the food we eat. They pollinate anything from Black locust buds to Tomatoes right in your back yard. If we lose bees then the Human population will starve and die within 3 years. Honeybees are dying to 3 main things which are Varroa Mites, Diseases, and Colony Collapse Disorder. Pesticides that have Neonicotinoids in them is what is causing CCD. With your help we can all save the Honeybee population.

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